Norifumi Inagaki

Country : Japan

EXIF data: X20 F4.0 1/320 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F2.0 1/60 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F5.6 1/60 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F2.8 1/4 ISO800

EXIF data: X20 F6.4 1/125 ISO200


Born in Tokyo in 1970, Norifumi Inagaki worked part-time in a newspaper photo publishing department before becoming a freelance photographer. Beginning with China's Silk Road, he has visited over 50 countries and regions, including Antarctica. His publications include a collection of photos, Tairiku Rōnin (Wanderer of the Continents), and the photo essay Tabi, Tokidoki Leica (Travel, and Sometimes Leica). He is a member of the Japan Photographic Society.

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