Country : Japan

EXIF data: X20 F5.6 1/125 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F2.2 1/30 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F2.5 1/30 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F5.6 1/250 ISO200

EXIF data: X20 F2.8 1/15 ISO200

EXIF data: X100S F2.8 1/15 ISO200


Born in Tokyo in 1961. Graduated from Cabrillo College. Made his photographic debut as a photographer for the fashion magazine "Ryuko Tsushin". Provides corporate support for photography-related presentation and directs behind the scenes, including fashion, documentaries, commercials and private photo lessons.

His personal goal is "improving photography culture and remaining an active photographer until 100."

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