Ed Godden

Country : UK

EXIF data: X100S F7.1 1/200 ISO200

EXIF data: X100S F5.6 1/550 ISO200

EXIF data: X100S F8 1/400 ISO400

EXIF data: X100S F5.6 1/350 ISO400

EXIF data: X100S F11 1/300 ISO400

EXIF data: X100S F11 1/220 ISO400

EXIF data: X100S F2.8 1/85 ISO1600

EXIF data: X100S F2 1/300 ISO3200

EXIF data: X100S F2 1/640 ISO1600

EXIF data: X100S F2 1/160 ISO1600

EXIF data: X100S F2 1/240 ISO1600


To make sure I gave the X100S a thorough test I made sure I tucked it away in my camera bag for a busy few days ahead of me. A pre-wedding portrait shoot, a fashion shoot on the streets of Nottingham, a 17 mile trek across the snowy Pennine Way, and finally a walk around the historic city of Lincoln should be enough I thought.

Handling, performance, and more importantly image quality all get a big thumbs up from me. But where this camera really excelled is its design and appearance. The smooth clicking aperture ring is fantastic to use. As a die-hard film user it was a joy to be able to rotate an aperture ring to set my desired aperture. Little things I suppose! But this really made me feel like I was using a proper old-school camera, but obviously with digital qualities and performance.

The focus points are very easy to access and quickly move around ensuring that I never miss a shot. The only frame I shot that was out of focus the whole time I was testing the camera was when I was shooting a portrait into the sun. So I’ll let it off on that occasion. Also while I was shooting the portrait (fashion shoot with the model) I decided to test the flash. Not normally a big fan of on-camera flash I tend to shy away from this feature on cameras, but the X100S fires of a blip of light that doesn’t over-power the nearby subject, instead just providing a lovely cover of fill-in flash...Perfect !

The camera really came into its own while I was trekking across the Pennine Way on a shoot for an outdoors magazine. I had my DSLR with me but kept putting it away when we had to keep climbing up rocks and steep boulders. With the X100S nestled in my coat pocket I was able to capture quick shots with no fuss, yet still know that I was going to get the quality the assignment needed.

Overall I’m very impressed with the results I achieved in the few days I had the camera, and would definitely recommend it to somebody looking for a series camera that has the build quality and image quality of a DSLR but in a much smaller (and convenient) size.


“I've been a pro snapper since leaving college at 17. After studying photography at college I worked as a studio assistant for a year which was one of the toughest but most rewarding 12 months of my life. I then spent 12 years as a press and sports snapper. During this time I won quite a few national press photography awards, including three Mirror Group awards, The Picture Editors photographer of the year award and Newspaper Society photographer of the year award. Shooting news stories for over a decade meant I was very fortunate to cover some amazing assignments.

For the past 4 years i've kept myself busy by continuing to shoot creative and beautiful wedding images, alongside shooting editorial features for national magazines on a regular basis. This is where the wedding photography part comes in! It was my 12 years as a press photographer that helped me develop an ability to shoot weddings in a stylish, reportage way, ensuring that I capture every precious moment from the day, without being "one of those photographers" that shouts orders and spoils the day for the happy couple.”

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